Retail clothing store fixtures: Show the characteristics of shoes and clothing, leading the fashion trend!

In a retail clothing store, a well-designed display area can attract the attention of customers, make the goods stand out, and thus enhance the sales effect. Here is some practical advice and professional guidance on how to display your shoes and clothing store products to help you create an attractive display plan.

  1. According to the season and fashion trend classification display: according to the season and fashion trend, store display rack depends on the style, color and clothes style classification display. This not only allows customers to quickly find their favorite styles, but also improves the visual appeal of the goods.
  2. Create theme display: Create some theme display areas based on different festivals, activities or themes. For example, Christmas display area, brand cooperation area and so on. This will attract customers to stop and look, and create a strong shopping atmosphere.
  3. Use appropriate lighting and props: Lighting and props are important elements to enhance the effect of product display. Use soft lighting to highlight the color and texture of the product. At the same time, the appropriate use of props such as models, bouquets or small ornaments can increase the interest and display effect of the display.
  4. Use height and sense of hierarchy: When displaying goods, use different heights and sense of hierarchy to create rich spatial layers. For example, the use of display shelves, display tables and hanging systems, etc., to give the product a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional.
  5. Visual tidiness and tidiness: It is very important to keep the display area neat and tidy. Organize the placement and display of goods, regularly clean up the dust and organize the display area well, can give customers a good shopping impression.

6.Constantly update the display: regularly update the display according to the sales situation and popular trends, so that customers can keep the goods in the store fresh. Regular change of collocation and display style can attract repeat customers and increase customers’ desire to buy.

According to the actual needs and the size of the store, the common types of shelves in retail clothing store fixtures and shoe shop fittings include the following:

  1. Wall-mounted shelves: also known as wall display shelves, usually installed on the wall of the store. Wall-mounted shelves save space, suitable for displaying small shoes,clothes and clothing accessories or lightweight goods, with good display effect and decorative effect.
  2. Floor display rack: The ground display rack is usually a self-supporting structure, which can be placed independently on the ground of the store. They usually have a large display area, suitable for displaying shoes, clothing, bags,hat,scarf and other bulk commodities. Floor display shelves are often available in different shapes and sizes, such as upright shelves, floor cabinet,display cases and shelf combinations.
  3. Center Gondola Shelving: The gondolas is located in the center of retail clothes store and can display goods from multiple directions. This kind of shelf is usually composed of multi-layer display shelves and counters, which can display a variety of styles and categories of shoes and clothing at the same time. Gondola display can attract customers’ attention and provide more purchasing opportunities.
  4. Rotating display rack: Rotating display rack, also known as turntable shelf, is usually used in small display areas or near the cash register. They can be rotated to display goods, easy for customers to browse and choose. Rotating display stands are ideal choice for displaying small shoes, accessories or specific styles.
  5. Display rack and shelf combination: According to the needs of the store, different types of display racks and shelves can be combined to create more display space and layer. For example, wall-mounted shelves and floor display shelves are combined to make full use of store space and achieve a full range of product displays.

For retail brand shoe stores and cloth shop, it is very important to choose the right type of display shelf, and it is necessary to consider factors such as store area, product type, display style and decoration style to achieve the best display effect plans and customer shopping experience.

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